What happens at a Daring Humans movement workshop?

A Daring Humans workshop uses a variety of methods and approaches to unlock and free the human capacities named in this video. We draw on the gifts of gymnastics, circus, physical theatre, strength training, meditation and the generalist movement culture that Ido Portal has so passionately spearheaded. We are as interested in working with beginners as much as we are elite practitioners. There will be time for talking but we believe that we learn to walk by walking.

Training, studying and playing with founder Dan Aubin - Footage from events for Real Movement Project, Crossfit 2795, Future Moves, PCYC, CSU, Nepean Circus Festival and with friends from the Australian Partner Acrobatics Convention, Poncho Circus, Cirque du Soleil and Gravity and other Myths.

"Before we have done something we have nothing to talk about"

                                                                                                                                                       Jacques Lecoq

Events will almost always include practice in:

  • Skilled-communication and connection

  • Contemplative practice

  • Play

  • Physical preparation and skill development

  • Group challenges

  • Bad comedy

  • Feedback loops, discussion and next steps

Events are shaped around the goals of the group. The approach is human-centered, technically accurate, playful and responsive.  

Who have we worked with?

Real Movement Project, Crossfit 2795, Gravity and Other Myths, Warren Hickey's Precision Martial Arts, Dance Factory, BBoy Master Wong, Spaghetti Circus, Nepean Circus Festival, Catapult, Future Moves