*Bodyweight Training Workshop*

Sat 5 Dec. 10am - 12:00pm

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$40 early bird / $50 full price (Includes a take-home training plan)

* Places are limited to 20 people. Get in touch if you have any questions.

A Bit more Info...


We all start the new year with fresh ideas and good intentions. We will get fit, be creative and try new things. This energy can slip away if no action is taken. In this workshop we will look at movement and exercise that can be integrated into our lives easily. Use your own body to stabilize your core, develop upper and lower body strength and mobility. If you want to develop more energy and bring movement and exercise into your life on your own terms, this is for you.

Who is this workshop for?

Everyone who is looking to develop how they feel, look and what they can do. Looking for a new experience? Perfect. This will be new for some and shared vocabulary with others. Gym junkies, athletes, acrobats, dancers, yogis, gymnastics, cross fitters, parkour players, physical theatre performers, breakdancers, trickers, skaters, fitness freethinkers, PT’s, coaches and movement culture fanatics... come along. Gardners, mothers, office workers, mayors…come along.

I have never tried a handstand before and can’t do a push-up. Can I still attend?

Yes. This session is designed to allow students to meet the training from where they are. I will introduce the first steps of bodyweight training to beginners as well as challenge those who can already hold a free-standing handstand. Personally, I enjoy teaching beginners as much as elite practitioners. I suggest people enrolling be able to support their weight in the top of a push-up shape for a minimum of 20 sec.

What if I have an injury?

If it is not too serious and you have the awareness to work around your injury without causing further injury, you are welcome. This is your responsibility to manage. If you are unsure if you can do this, maybe focus on healing first. I will offer alternatives exercises and regressions to support people who discover weak areas in their body as we go. 

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