Daring Communication

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  • University Lecturing

  • Professional Development

  • Communication Coaching

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

  • Team building workshops

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Daring Movement

  • Coaching

  • Coach Development

  • Events

  • Seminars

  • Curriculum Development

  • Business Development

Daring Creativity

  • Creative thinking facilitation

  • Directing

  • Consulting

Bringing ideas to life to engage your audience



Dan Aubin is interested in making ideas come alive in ways that create engagement and connection for the greater good. His company, Daring Humans, helps organisations and individuals develop in the areas of communication, creativity and movement through education, keynote presentations, performance talks, workshops and coaching.

For the past seven years, Dan was a lecturer at Charles Sturt University in the School of Communication and Creative Industries - Theatre / Media. He has a background as a theatre director, international acrobat, physical theatre performer, and educator. 

Dan developed his foundations at the Olympic Training Centre as a Canadian national gymnast and coach. After discovering that it was more fulfilling to connect with audiences rather than having judges take marks off, Dan transitioned into the arts and entertainment. He performed acrobatic slam-dunk basketball shows for the NBA's Toronto Raptors for three seasons where he was exposed to the worlds best traveling circus performers. Dan spent the next five years touring around the world with the award-winning acrobatic, hand-balancing act, The Acromaniacs. After chasing a girl to Australia, Dan took up the position of Artistic Director and CEO of the South Australian Circus Centre, home of Cirkidz. There he developed curriculum, theatre performances, cultural development programs and presented talks and trust workshops for corporate leadership programs and conferences. His diverse experience in entertainment, art, business, events, coaching and education has given him a unique perspective as a leader.