A Fine Balance - Performance Talk

Engage your audience with important ideas

This presentation is the perfect disruption to spark new thinking and get everyone talking at conferences, corporate events and thought festivals. A Fine Balance, looks at the importance of risk in creativity and the steps that provide a solid foundation for innovation. The concepts of collaboration, trust and effective communication are illuminated as chairs are stacked, manipulated and balanced in seemingly impossible ways. 

This work is available for booking and has been presented at: The Adelaide Festival of Ideas, The University of Queensland, Swinburne University, James Cook University, Charles Sturt University, University of New England and for the Australia Council of Graduate Research. Recently Dan Aubin was the guest presenter at the Asia-Pacific 3MT Finals.

Enquire for custom theming and idea exploration. This format is designed to make ideas come alive for high engagement and impact.

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Group Communication Coaching

Develop skilled-communication in: presentations, videos, pitches, negotiations, interviews and meetings.

The research is clear, communication is a skill that can be developed with expert feedback, the proper awareness and consistency to purpose.   

I’ll never forget when one of my coaches said to me: “Save yourself five years and get yourself a coach”. We apply this rule with sport, arts and technical skills but rarely with the most important human capacities. Developing new habits and tools as a skilled-communicator is very difficult without an experienced outside eye to give feedback, make suggestions and bring focus to particular areas. This training is designed to offer just that.

I draw on my background as a director, performer, speaker, CEO, lecturer and researcher in communication to provide valuable training for communicators and presenters. Developing staff or team members in areas such as: meetings, pitches, negotiations, interviews, videos and live presentations translate into valuable outcomes for the organisation and impactful professional development for individuals.

Pictured above: On-Camera Presentation Training for  One Agency  and  Manning PR

Pictured above: On-Camera Presentation Training for One Agency and Manning PR

How does it work?

This is a practical session that is facilitated in a group environment via the Zoom digital meeting app (similar to skype) or in a live workshop. The session involves a facilitated warm-up, workshop exercises and specific presentational work. Each participant will present as if they are at an event with the accountability of an audience. We start with easy tasks that introduce core concepts and increase awareness of this ‘deep work’. We then develop towards the edge of individual’s learning needs. Specific coaching feedback is given on voice work, body language, rapport, tone, congruency, start and finish as well as the clarity and power of the message or better yet: story.

Our friends and colleagues are usually encouraging and ‘kind’ when it comes to commenting on our communication; even when we ask for critical feedback. This is natural – they are too close to us and often don’t have the framework to navigate this tricky terrane. A coach’s job is different: It is to be real with people about learning. We must tell them what they need to hear in a way that they can accept; and then give them tools to fill in the gaps and build on their strengths. 

Peer input is facilitated through questions. Learning is accelerated in the group environment and everyone should aim go home with 3-5 key areas to work on and clear strategies to use. An outline of the session is provided once we have agreed on the aims of the session.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Getting teams thinking in the same direction

Facilitating planning and staff engagement sessions is challenging for those running organisations. Why? They are simply too close to the people and organisation to ask the right questions and guide the conversations from a non-biased perspective. Working with an outside professional allows you to surrender to a process to map your organisation and set-up clear short and long-term goals with clear steps to achieve them.


I taught Strategic Planning to communication students at Charles Sturt University for the past seven years. Strategic planning is a space which allows a full-system approach and can have great impact on culture development and increased service quality. There are many different approaches that are possible depending on the aims and current position of the company.

I look forward to helping your team generate new and innovative thinking and designing a road map towards your goals.


Session length

The minimum session time is 3 hours. A day-long session is recommended. Two-day options offer deep engagement with the opportunity for people to ‘sleep on’ ideas and explore the many ideas that come up.

What do past clients say?

"I honestly went into the session feeling like this is going to be a big waste of time as I am a PhD student and have a lot of deadlines to meet. However, I gained alot from the coaching. It was one of the best investments in personal development I have ever had."